Top 15 TV Cabinet Designs For Living Room In 2024

29th Feb 2024

The living room is more than just a relaxation area; it’s the heart of your home design. And what’s the focal point of any living space décor that gathers family and friends for movie nights, weekend marathons, and even everyday news? None other than the TV.  With many designs available in the market, choosing the right TV cabinet design for living room can significantly amplify its charm and functionality.

15 TV Cabinet Designs For Living Room

Here are 15 exquisite modern TV cabinet designs to inspire your living room upgrade.

1. Magnetic Wall-mount TV Unit Designs to Elevate Living Hall Decor

For the modern enthusiast, the minimalist wall mount is more than a convenience—it’s a statement. These streamlined designs offer a picture-perfect floating effect, saving floor space and giving an illusion of a broader area.

Ideal for a minimalist or contemporary urban living room, the magnetic wall mount highlights the TV unit's design while complementing your hallway decor seamlessly. It's as close to a TV that looks almost suspended in the air as you can get.

2. Create a Special Feel with a Wood Top TV Unit Design for the Hall

Wood TV cabinets add a touch of sophistication that feels straight out of a penthouse. These classy designs can make your living room appear more spacious and brighter thanks to the reflective nature of glass.

It is an excellent match for modern and contemporary living rooms.  Wood-top TV cabinets offer a chic and clean look with the added benefit of being easy to clean and maintain.

3. Open Concept Floor TV Cabinet Designs for Personalised Living Hall

Open-concept shelves are the way to go to create an individualistic living room. These designs offer not only a place for your TV but also to display your collection of books, art pieces, and other curiosities.

Ideal for the eclectic or bohemian soul, these  Floor TV cabinet designs can be a genuine canvas for your creativity, showcasing your personality and style in the living hall.

4. Add Style with Classic Wooden TV Cabinet Designs for the Living Room

A classic never goes out of style. The wooden TV cabinet is not just a sturdy option; it's also a warm and inviting addition to any living room. Choose from various woods and finishes to match your existing room’s decor.

The timeless elegance of a  wooden TV cabinet ensures that your living room design will stand the test of time and trends, remaining as inviting as the day it was set up.

5. TV Consoles with Barn Door Closure for a Cosy Home

For those who appreciate the cozy charm of a farmhouse, a TV cabinet with barn door closures can truly capture the spirit. These TV console designs are functional and delightful, whether mounted on a wall or kept alone.

The barn door closure adds a charmingly rustic touch to your living room, perfect for creating a warm and inviting space for family and guests.

6. Reclaimed Metal TV Cabinets for Industrial Elegance

Industrial design is about rugged functionality, and a reclaimed metal TV cabinet fits the bill perfectly. These sturdy designs often incorporate wood and metal for a perfectly balanced look that speaks of history and character.

Whether in a downtown loft or aiming for that steampunk, retro-futurism aesthetic, an industrial TV unit commands attention in any living room setup.

7. Extravagant Turntable TV Stand for Modern Living Room

A TV stand with a turntable can revolutionise the living room of those with a distinctive and lavish taste. These stands offer the flexibility to move the TV in any direction, ensuring the perfect view from every angle.

This TV stand idea can infuse a delightful essence into your living room, offering charm and functionality for individuals with expansive, open-plan areas or multiple viewing zones.

8. Create a Chic Wall Feature with Floating Shelves for TV and Storage

A set of floating shelves can offer both storage and a modern, unobtrusive TV placement. This setup allows you to mix and match sizes and heights to create a custom wall feature that perfectly suits your living room.

Whether you have a small living room or just love the look, floating shelves are an excellent option to keep things open and airy.

9. Transform Your Space with a Built-In Media Wall

Maximise your space with a built-in media wall that seamlessly integrates your TV, storage, and decor. It's a tailor-made option for those who love a polished, custom look.

A built-in wall TV unit appears grand and luxurious and offers vast storage space, making it an ideal choice for families or those with an extensive media collection. The  entertainment units with open shelves based on gadget size fit the bill. 

10. High-Tech Hiding Wall Art TV Cabinets

Perfect for the tech-savvy and those who love to keep it neat, a TV cabinet that doubles as wall art is an innovative and stylish choice. When not in use, it hides the TV behind a piece of art that is as unique and decorative as any other item in your room.

This type of TV cabinet is especially great for conserving space and maintaining a clean look in your living room, turning your TV into an authentic conversation piece.

11. Corner Console or Sideboards Buffet Table for a Space-Savvy Solution

Consider a corner console or a  sideboard buffet table for a space-savvy TV placement in your living room. It tucks neatly into the room’s layout, ensuring no wasted space.

A corner TV console or a sideboard buffet table design can be essential for small living rooms, allowing you to maximise your space without sacrificing viewing pleasure.

12. TV Console Design with Multifunctional Storage Wall Unit for Media Essentials

Why opt for a standard  TV stand design when you can elevate your living hall with a versatile storage wall unit? These designs combine open and closed storage, providing generous room for all your media must-haves and more.

For those who value functionality as much as aesthetics, a storage wall unit could be the best choice, infusing your space with purposeful style.

13. Motorised Pop-Up TV Cabinet for Modern Convenience

A motorised pop-up TV cabinet is a playful take on modern convenience. With the press of a button, your TV emerges from its hidden compartment, turning your living room from cozy to high-tech in seconds.

This design is excellent for those who enjoy entertaining and creating dramatic effects and those who prefer to keep electronics out of sight when not in use.

14. Adjustable Panel TV Cabinet for a Unique Spin

For a touch of innovation, an adjustable panel TV cabinet offers a customisable way to display your TV. Swing the panels to create the shape and design that speaks to you.

With so much flexibility, an adjustable panel TV cabinet can reflect your mood and the flow of your living room, making it a unique and interactive part of your home's design.

15. Traditional Hutch TV Cabinet for Vintage Vibes 

Finally, the traditional hutch TV cabinet brings a piece of the past into your present living room. With its intricate details and abundant storage, this classic design evokes a sense of comfort and home.

For those who love a vintage touch or want to create a cozy, lived-in atmosphere, a traditional hutch TV cabinet could be the perfect centrepiece for your living space.

With these 15 inspiring TV cabinet designs, transform your living room into a space where technology meets the mark of your exquisite taste in home decor. At Just Modern Furniture, we have  Floating TV Cabinets, Floor  TV  Cabinets, Extra Long TV Cabinets, Wood Top TV Cabinets, Wood TV Cabinets, so you can find the perfect furniture that fits your needs and style. Shop our collection and make your TV time more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

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