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Just Modern Furniture uses Stylelite White and Black premium Acrylic as standard for all TV entertainment units. These colours are available in both gloss and matte finishes.







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Create Marvellous Interiors with Our Breathtaking Colours and Finishes

Imagine watching an old movie in black and white. Now imagine watching the same movie in full colour. The entire experience is worlds apart. That's the kind of power colour holds–it can change your mood, energy, and perception of a space.

At Just Modern Furniture, we understand how important colour is for your home, and that's why we offer a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your style and taste. Whether you want a glossy finish that reflects light and elegance, a matte finish that feels smooth and sophisticated, a wood finish that adds warmth and charm, or a textured finish that creates interest and depth, you'll find it at Just Modern Furniture.

Do Colours and Finishes Matter?

Colour and materials finishes are crucial elements of interior decor that greatly influence the mood, perception, and behaviour of people that enter the interior spaces. Designers use a combination of different colours and finishes to create different effects, such as contrast, harmony, warmth, coolness, brightness, or darkness.

Here's how you can use colour and material finishes to your advantage and add more value to your spaces.

  • Dictate the Mood and Atmosphere - Colours and finishes play a significant role in creating a mood or atmosphere in a room, whether it's cosy, elegant, modern, or playful.
  • Communicate Your Thoughts - With the help of the proper guidance, you can use furniture colours and finishes to communicate a message or a story through interior design, reflecting the brand identity, culture, or values of the occupants.
  • Quality and Durability - Colours and finishes can enhance the quality and durability of furniture, as different materials have unique properties and benefits, such as stain resistance, scratch resistance, or easy maintenance.
  • Add Depth to Your Spaces - Putting a wide range of colours, textures and furniture placements, you can add depth and dimension to a space, creating contrast, balance, or harmony with other elements in the room.

Create a Balance with Furniture Colours and Finishes

Semi Glossy Finishes That Shine Bright like Prism

Semi-glossy finishes are shiny and reflective surfaces and can make a space look more spacious, modern, and elegant. They enhance the natural light and colour of the room. However, due to their smooth textures, glossy finishes show fingerprints, scratches, and dust more easily. And hence, they require more maintenance and cleaning.

  • Black Gloss: Make a powerful and dramatic statement with our glossy and sleek black surfaces. They are perfect for contemporary, industrial, or glam styles that demand some drama and flair.
  • White Gloss: Bring some freshness and simplicity to your space. This finish features a shiny and smooth white surface that can illuminate any room. It is ideal for minimalist, modern, or Scandinavian styles that crave freshness and simplicity.
  • Calacatta Marble: Add some refinement to your spaces with the Calacatta Marble, which exhibits a smooth and glossy white surface with grey veins that can mimic the look of natural marble. It is ideal for luxurious, classic, or glam styles that aspire to some refinement and glamour.

Matte Finishes That Speak Calm and Serenity

Matte finishes are dull and non-reflective surfaces that make a space look more cosy, rustic, and natural. They can help you hide imperfections and dirt better than glossy finishes. Moreover, they are also more durable and resistant to wear and tear. However, matte finishes can also make a space look darker, smaller, and less vibrant, and they may need more lighting and colour to balance them out.

  • White Matte: Create a minimalistic and elegant look that soothes your senses with our white matte finish. It offers a smooth, matte white surface that can create a calm and serene look and is well-suited for minimalist, modern, or coastal styles that desire lightness and elegance.
  • Black Matte: With our smooth and matte black surface, you can create a chic and sophisticated look. It is great for minimalist, modern, or monochrome styles that require contrast and depth.
  • Slate Matte: This finish displays a smooth, matte grey surface that can add intrigue and dimension to any room. It is versatile for any style that needs neutrality and balance.

Wood Finishes That Will Add Some Warmth And Character To Your Home

Wood finishes are the old-school favourites of the furniture world. They are natural and organic surfaces that make a space look warm, inviting, and comfortable. They add texture, character, and variety to the room. However, wood finishes vary in quality, colour, and grain, and they may need special care and protection to prevent damage from moisture, insects, or stains.

  • Tasmanian Oak Wood Finish: Give your spaces a rustic charm that'll take you down memory lane. This finish features a natural and warm wood grain that can add a touch of rustic charm to any room. It is ideal for farmhouse, bohemian, or eclectic styles that appreciate some cosiness and character.
  • Natural Oak Wood Finish: Effortlessly elevate your decor with a simple, light wood grain finish that's perfect for Scandinavian, coastal, or rustic styles that enjoy some airiness and simplicity.
  • Notaio Walnut Wood Finish: The rich and dark walnut tone of the Notaio finish can help you create a sophisticated and elegant look. It is suitable for traditional, mid-century modern, or industrial styles that respect some professionalism and class.
  • Maroso Milan Wood Finish: Exhibiting a textured and patterned wood effect, this finish adds interest and dimension to any room. It is versatile for any style that likes some personality and charm.
  • Black Wenge Wood Finish: Revealing a deep and sleek black colour that can make a bold and modern statement, this wooden finish is another favourite. It is excellent for contemporary, industrial, or monochrome styles that love some drama and flair.
  • Florentine Walnut Wood Finish: Showcasing a light and smooth walnut hue that can brighten up any space, the Florentine wood finish can help you bring a breath of freshness to your spaces. It is ideal for Scandinavian, coastal, or rustic styles that admire some freshness and simplicity.
  • Prime Oak Wood Finish: Add some welcoming warmth and texture with the Prime Oak finish, which features a natural and medium wood grain. It is perfect for farmhouse, bohemian, or eclectic styles that value some cosiness and character.
  • Antico Oak Wood Finish: Add depth, richness and character to your spaces with our Antico Oak finish that displays a natural and dark wood grain. It suits traditional, mid-century modern, or industrial styles that honour some professionalism and class.

Colour Your World with the Right Furniture Finish

When it comes to designing your home, decisions about materials and finishes are crucial. The right choices will determine whether your design meets your needs and reflects your taste. Furniture colour and finish play a vital role in creating a cohesive and visually appealing interior design that instantly helps you feel at home.

Our store offers an extensive range of colours and finishes to help you find the perfect furniture to tell your story and represent your unique taste. Please browse our collection to ensure you find the right colours and finishes that will resonate with you and create the dream home you deserve.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your furniture today, and start creating your perfect space.


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Modern Designs

Modern Designs

We specialise in Stylish Custom TV Units, Designer Floating Wall Mounted Entertainment Units and Contemporary TV Stands for your Home Theatre or living space. Our low line units come in white, black & wood colours in gloss, matte or satin acrylic similar to 2pac finish.

Bespoke & Custom Designed

Bespoke & Custom Designed

We are one of Australia's leading manufacturer of custom-made, bespoke furniture. We pride ourselves on our tailored service; creating made to measure furniture that adhere to our clients’ specifications. Our unique & designer range comes in various sizes including extra long lowline & slimline cabinets

Premium Quality Material

Premium Quality Material

We will only use the finest of materials and ensure it is made up to the highest standard. If you are looking for a trendy and premium quality wall hung units look no further than Just Modern Furniture. We can't be beaten on price & Quality.

Australian Made & Owned

Australian Made & Owned

Just Modern Furniture is proud to make Australian Made Entertainment TV Units which suit every Australian home. We deliver a substantially higher quality product by using the best Australian Made materials & best hardware available.

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Lowest Price
Superior Customer Services
Superior Customer Services
1000's of Happy Customers
1000's of Happy Customers
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Choose a TV unit design that is compatible with your existing decor. Our modern TV units in white and black are a perfect choice, as these colours seamlessly blend with any aesthetic. With so many options available at Just Modern Furniture, it's easy to find the perfect TV unit to match your space. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us for guidance and assistance.

While there are no standard dimensions for a TV unit, you should use the size of your television as a guide to purchasing the perfect unit. Ideally, the size of your TV unit should be several inches deeper and wider than the size of your television. TV units that are too small can pose a safety risk and look out of place when set underneath a large television. If the TV unit is too large for your space, it can create a jarring or visually unappealing look.

YAt Just Modern Furniture, we use eco-friendly, moisture-resistant acrylic to create durable, scratch-resistant, high-quality modern TV units.

Wall mounts are a great space-saving solution. If minimalism is your go-to aesthetic, then this option is perfect. Meanwhile, TV stands are a neat and efficient way to conceal unsightly wires and cables while adding stylish storage space to your living room.

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