Warranty Period

Just Modern Furniture is committed to offering all Australians quality furniture that is built to last. The Products supplied to you will, under normal use be free from defects arising from the manufacture of the product. All our products come brand new and have 10 years warranty.

In the unlikely event if the products you purchased become faulty or damaged within this period that you need to make a claim against this Warranty. We reserve the right to fully assess the product to determine the nature of the defect (if any). In the case of a minor failure, a suitable remedy will be made available to you. In the case of a major failure, we will endeavour to fully replace the item at the earliest possible date/time or make alternative arrangements with you.

Warranty Periods commence from the date of delivery of goods purchased on your Tax Invoice. If a Product is replaced under this Warranty, the Warranty Period for that replacement Product expires on the same date as the Warranty Period for the original Product, a further warranty period is not granted.

This Warranty only applies to Just Modern Furniture Products that:

  • Are sold by Just Modern Furniture or any of its approved suppliers.
  • This Warranty is valid from the date of payment in full, Warranty Period does not recommence if a Warranty claim is made.
  • Has remained installed at the location it was first installed,
  • Applies to the original purchaser only and for products used for reasonable domestic purposes. It excludes products used for commercial reasons.


  • Normal wear and tear, including pilling, fading, loss or deterioration (of the whole product or its components)
  • Damage caused by improper use, cleaning, negligence, treatment, transportation, storage of the products or otherwise caused by your acts and/or omissions
  • Damaged caused through any modifications, alterations, improper assembly, Improper Installation, tampering or products used in an abnormal manner and not for the products intended purposes
  • Damage caused by exposing the products to the sun, extreme heat or cold, or chemicals/agents that are known to damage the finish of the product
  • Damage caused by spills, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint or bodily fluids.
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning, cuts from sharp objects, burns, general negligence, and exposing the product to the sun or high heat.
  • Damages caused by Act of God, Theft, vermin or insect infestation
  • Defects in products that are sold “As Is” which were brought to your attention on purchase
  • Items that are altered or modified by yourself or any 3rd party, without our consent, will cause your warranty to be void and will also void any rights to return or make claims against the item. 
  • Products used for commercial purposes
  • Use of non-authorised/non-standard parts
  • Damage caused as a result of Incorrect assembly.
  • Non reported issues that have escalated from minor to major.
  • Water damage – Including damage from steam, excessive moisture
  • Heat damage – From placing hot pans, pots or similar hot objects directly on the surface of the Product, including damage consisting of cracks in and scorching of the Product
  • Placing heavy objects on the Product; applying substantial weight to the Product, including by standing, sitting or lying on the Product; or applying excessive impact to or mishandling the Product, including the impact caused by objects scraped along, thrown or dropped on the product’s surface
  • Exposing the Product to acidic food products such as salt, vinegar, tea and citric fruit juice; or Chemical damage - Exposing the Product to acidic or corrosive materials, cosmetics and chemicals such as dyes, solvents, bleach, inks, acetone, denture cleaner and photo developing fluid
  • Using inappropriate household cleaning products – DO NOT USE abrasive cream or powder cleansers, furniture polish/wax/ powder; oven cleaner, drain cleaners, sugar soap and strongly alkaline or acidic cleaners.
  • Structural or support changes – Changes affecting the building or application where the product has been installed, causing twisting, warping, bowing, cupping or shrinkage of the Product, including movements caused by hydrostatic pressure resulting in the expansion or contraction of the cabinetry or other structure on which the Product is installed
  • Inappropriate use – Including use of the Product outdoors or in any way which exposes the Product to UV (exposure to direct sunlight) or consistent environmental forces that could affect the Product;

Cost claim – Just Modern Furniture will be liable for the cost of the replacement Product at the subject of this Warranty for the Warranty Period. All other costs will be the claiming party’s responsibility

Regardless of whether your product(s) is still in warranty or not, our staff are always here to assist with any queries you may have. For assistance with your product after purchase, please read the Terms & Conditions, message us via the contact page or email

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Modern Designs

Modern Designs

We specialise in Stylish Custom TV Units, Designer Floating Wall Mounted Entertainment Units and Contemporary TV Stands for your Home Theatre or living space. Our low line units come in white, black & wood colours in gloss, matte or satin acrylic similar to 2pac finish.

Bespoke & Custom Designed

Bespoke & Custom Designed

We are one of Australia's leading manufacturer of custom-made, bespoke furniture. We pride ourselves on our tailored service; creating made to measure furniture that adhere to our clients’ specifications. Our unique & designer range comes in various sizes including extra long lowline & slimline cabinets

Premium Quality Material

Premium Quality Material

We will only use the finest of materials and ensure it is made up to the highest standard. If you are looking for a trendy and premium quality wall hung units look no further than Just Modern Furniture. We can't be beaten on price & Quality.

Australian Made & Owned

Australian Made & Owned

Just Modern Furniture is proud to make Australian Made Entertainment TV Units which suit every Australian home. We deliver a substantially higher quality product by using the best Australian Made materials & best hardware available.

Lowest Price
Lowest Price
Superior Customer Services
Superior Customer Services
1000's of Happy Customers
1000's of Happy Customers
Shop Online & Instore
Shop Online & Instore
Book a Store or Virtual Appointment
Book a Store or Virtual Appointment


Choose a TV unit design that is compatible with your existing decor. Our modern TV units in white and black are a perfect choice, as these colours seamlessly blend with any aesthetic. With so many options available at Just Modern Furniture, it's easy to find the perfect TV unit to match your space. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us for guidance and assistance.

While there are no standard dimensions for a TV unit, you should use the size of your television as a guide to purchasing the perfect unit. Ideally, the size of your TV unit should be several inches deeper and wider than the size of your television. TV units that are too small can pose a safety risk and look out of place when set underneath a large television. If the TV unit is too large for your space, it can create a jarring or visually unappealing look.

YAt Just Modern Furniture, we use eco-friendly, moisture-resistant acrylic to create durable, scratch-resistant, high-quality modern TV units.

Wall mounts are a great space-saving solution. If minimalism is your go-to aesthetic, then this option is perfect. Meanwhile, TV stands are a neat and efficient way to conceal unsightly wires and cables while adding stylish storage space to your living room.

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