Why Shop from Us



Why shop at Just Modern Furniture?

1. We have the BEST Quality at the BEST prices. Just Modern Furniture is a leading TV Cabinet & Floating Wall Unit manufacturer. We create our own unique designs and source the highest quality materials and products in the country. Using the latest technology in-house and online, we have cut out the distributors and wholesalers and can deliver our products with the best quality at the cheapest prices.

2. Australian Made. Buying Australian Made is more than just a matter of pride. Australian Made gives confidence and excellence in design and craftsmanship, is high quality, environmentally friendly, supports the economy and jobs, gives you better service and support as well as providing real warranties with real people and businesses. Please support Australian Made and in exchange, you will get the highest quality products and service at the cheapest price.

3. Exceptional Customer Service. We won't be beaten when it comes to customer service and support. Feel free to email us, visit us, contact us through this site anytime you like. We will do our best to help you resolve any questions or problems as soon as possible.

4. Peace of Mind. We are so confident in the durability and robustness of our products, we offer our customers 1 year warranty on our furniture, unless otherwise specified. Please beware competitors who only offer 30-90 day warranty.  

5. Deal with a legitimate business. Just Modern Furniture is a 100% Aussie owned family business, with our Headquarters & Warehouse based in Melbourne. We are not a dropshipper like many companies selling online these days. We have a real warehouse, real machines, real stock and real people servicing your every need.

6. Security. Our website is hosted with one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world, Bigcommerce. The website is secured using their enterprise-level hosting, bank vault security measures. The server that hosts our payments, eWay, is the largest online payment system in Australia. eWay encrypt the transmission of all credit card and personal customer information also using the Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. 

We welcome all feedback and if you wish to get in touch, please contact us via the Contact page, Twitter, Facebook or email [email protected]